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Friday, April 30, 2010

be inspired...

modern art. artwork can transform a space. yesterday, i hung up a new piece of art in my house
(the kauai word art-seen to your left). i love it. it's perfect!
simple & inspiring.
at the beginning of the year, i meet two amazing artist-tamara & ron. they design printed word art. i carry their pieces exclusively in my store. i love this classic black & white canvas version. on past blogs you can see their aqua & orange word art banners. soon, i'll be carrying their word art pillows. if you would like more information & pricing send me an email @

my artistic mind never shuts down. i see inspiration & create. it's part of who i am. its my gift. its the way i'm wired. when not designing spaces, i'm producing some form of art. i was lucky enough to live next to my art teacher in elementary school. what an impact! early on i learned to view the world with an artistic eye. be inspired...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

challenge no. 3-having a modern eye

it's monday & that means it's time for a design challenge. each week, i'm challenging you to redesign your life. this week learn to have a modern eye. modern design is uncomplicated, simple & clean. as a designer, it's interesting to see peoples reactions to my store. people immediately notice that it's different. i think today most people want a to be in a more modern space but, don't know how to achieve that. as we discussed last week, just simplifying can change your space. in a modern world, each item in your home serves a purpose. modern spaces reflect creativity which lets the design stand out. you have to think out of the box! designing is often about using everyday materials in an unique way. the picture above features my back wall of the store. i've added texture & interest to an all white space by using a corrugated plastic horizontally. this week i challenge you is to have a modern eye. edit your spaces & continue to remove all those extras you've collected. let your eye be drawn to the simplicity & not clutter.

did you simplify?

challenge no. 2
last monday, i challenged you to simplify your life & let go of things you really don't use or need. the leggett family did their part. mark & i spent saturday cleaning closets & reorganizing, noah rearranged his room & decluttered, & nick-we'll i cleaned up his room. we donated all our unused goods which makes the simple life feel so good.
*rarely do i come home with furniture but, today i found mid century modern lamps, a tulip table, & chairs.
all for my art studio. that's my next spot to organize & become creative in!

Friday, April 23, 2010

turn on the light...

adding the perfect lighting fixture add huge impact to your home. i'm excited to be selling modern pendants & lamps. here are just a few... (many of these can be drop shipped directly from the mainland).
live modern-bungalow 9 provides design consulting, special order furniture & lighting.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

octo time

i must admit that every time i think of the word octopus my mind is tainted with octo-mom.
isn't that a scary thought! thank the lord, my octopus items look nothing like her. look @ this printed linen pillow (its reversible too). next, everyone needs a ceramic & nickle octopus. these are fabulous & will even hold a candle. or why not store some hidden treasures in this resin octopus box.
don't you love it...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

chilewich @ bungalow 9

i'm so excited to be unpacking chilewich today. this is a new line for the store that i have loved for years!
chilewich produces textural table linens, runners, & floormats. the modern colors & easy care are perfect in any home. i even have floor swatches for special orders. come in and see how to dress your table or floor with texture.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

oh man!

oh man! we finally have men's apparel.
after much request, (especially by my husband mark), we have something for the guy's.
i'm now carrying three dots apparel. they make cool, modern, cotton clothing for girls & guy's.
men's tee's stocked in brushed cotton & jersey cotton. more great styles & colors on the way.

challenge no. 2 .simplify

simplify... each week i'm going to challenge you to redesign your life. simplifying can solve so many things.
i hate clutter. yes, i'm one of those people who doesn't function well unless things are in there place.
i like the bed made, the counter clear, & things organized. now honestly, my journey & move over the last 2 years has made that impossible at times. but boy, i sure feel better when i can simplify aspects of my life. i've diagnosed myself as having OCD about organizing & i'm ok with that. i'm a happier girl when my world has order.

we all have a fascination with stuff. we have more than we need. don't be sentimental about your stuff? it's just stuff... with that said, this weeks challenge is to simplify your life-letting go of things you really don't need. if that seems daunting start small. try to tackle a drawer or a closet. get rid of things you don't use. if you haven't touched it recently or used it within the past few months-GET RID OF IT! you don't need it! if your thinking one day you'll use it-probably not. cleaning out & donate. organize by placing things that are similar in baskets (like toys, socks, or towels). keeping stuff in one spot makes life simple. ok-if your feeling braver, tackle a room. each item in your room should serve a purpose & should have a function. too much furniture or having too many accessories clutters up life. removing the clutter will make you feel so good! i'm headed home to get started- actually i have a bag of clothes ready to head out the door.
it's addicting. i promise! (well at least for me). good luck with your challenge!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

light up...

good lighting is a must. it makes a space feel inviting. let's be honest-it can make everyone look better too.
when designing a space lighting is just as important as what you put in the space.
if you have a room that seems to be missing something- add a lamp or pendant.
what do you think about this table lamp? so cool.
light up your world a bit-come see all the new lighting in stock @ bungalow 9.

hats off to relaxing....

grab a hat & go have some fun.
even though i'm working away- my mind and soul know its easier to relax on the weekend.
there's not the pressure of getting kids to school & running all over this island. that's a good thing!
if you get to relax you might as well look good too.
look @ these fedora straw hats & i've got more on the way.
the best news is my CLOTHES are here. bungalow 9 is now carrying three dots.
this line has modern, comfy, & casual apparel. tons of neutrals, grey's, & blacks. what more could you need.
i'm even have three dots for men. look good & just relax (no matter where you are)...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

about time... challenge no.2

it's about time!
pure craziness this last week. where has the time gone?
maybe it's the fact that my oldest, noah, is traveling. he's off to the mainland with school. huge opportunity for him!
it was so crazy that i missed our weekly design challenge. each monday i challenge you to redesign your world.
challenge no. 1 adding a bit of color to your life. i'm anxious to hear from you? did you change a space by adding a bit of color.
challenge no. 2-simplify... will be revealed next monday.
in the meantime, look at the new vase i love. the open barnacles to hold blooms. what a piece of art! drop ship can be done for the mainland.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


this week i took bit of a blog & face book hiatus.
i've been working too much & needing a break.
so-between working on taxes & running boys around, i did manage to eat some great food & get to the north shore. how come breaks are never long enough?
its back to work today & i'm unpacking new things.
look @ all the comfy pillows & bedding.
i found a new amazing line of silk quilts, & shams. pair these with dreamy velvet & linen printed pillows.
there's nothing like a comfy bed! you'll love the book of swatches for these handmade products.

Monday, April 5, 2010


spring parties
spring is for hosting parties with friends.
this cooler will let you ice down any beverage.
made from mango wood it's a piece of art.
so cool.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

create a home you love. challenge no.1

happy easter! hope the easter bunny visited you!
it's been a work day here at bungalow 9.
i've had many families in & out after easter celebrations.

each monday- i challenge you to create a home you love. we all need a challenge now and then.

challenge no.1 = add a punch of color to someplace you love.
HOLD ON- a punch doesn't mean paint everything you own...
it could be as simple as adding a pillow, a colored serving tray, painting a door, or even featuring art.
just like the orange pottery vases above. one would be a perfect on a desk, nightstand, or sink.
try it-
put a small punch of color in a unexpected place. bet you'll smile!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

test drive

working-kind of...
sometimes i just have to entertain myself.
i've read all the blogs i can-so to pass time
why not try out the new hobo clutch.
oh i want one!
it won't be here long. it's too pretty.
why didn't i order one for me?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


those of you who've been faithfully following my store-know i've been waiting on new apparel.
what a battle that has been. i ordered wonderful new guys & girls cool, comfy, modern apparel @ market in january. they lost my order-ugh!!!! that was only one of four lost orders from my market trip. how can that happen? i'm facing these challenges head on! after many phone calls & frustration-some of it has arrived.
also, i've been promised MORE is being shipped out tomorrow. finally!
the racks are going to be full of new lovely things. that makes me happy!

*hope to see many of you at first friday tomorrow 4.2.10.
it's an all day springy event!
remember if you join the blog you get 10% off your purchase