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Sunday, April 18, 2010

challenge no. 2 .simplify

simplify... each week i'm going to challenge you to redesign your life. simplifying can solve so many things.
i hate clutter. yes, i'm one of those people who doesn't function well unless things are in there place.
i like the bed made, the counter clear, & things organized. now honestly, my journey & move over the last 2 years has made that impossible at times. but boy, i sure feel better when i can simplify aspects of my life. i've diagnosed myself as having OCD about organizing & i'm ok with that. i'm a happier girl when my world has order.

we all have a fascination with stuff. we have more than we need. don't be sentimental about your stuff? it's just stuff... with that said, this weeks challenge is to simplify your life-letting go of things you really don't need. if that seems daunting start small. try to tackle a drawer or a closet. get rid of things you don't use. if you haven't touched it recently or used it within the past few months-GET RID OF IT! you don't need it! if your thinking one day you'll use it-probably not. cleaning out & donate. organize by placing things that are similar in baskets (like toys, socks, or towels). keeping stuff in one spot makes life simple. ok-if your feeling braver, tackle a room. each item in your room should serve a purpose & should have a function. too much furniture or having too many accessories clutters up life. removing the clutter will make you feel so good! i'm headed home to get started- actually i have a bag of clothes ready to head out the door.
it's addicting. i promise! (well at least for me). good luck with your challenge!

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