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Sunday, April 25, 2010

challenge no. 3-having a modern eye

it's monday & that means it's time for a design challenge. each week, i'm challenging you to redesign your life. this week learn to have a modern eye. modern design is uncomplicated, simple & clean. as a designer, it's interesting to see peoples reactions to my store. people immediately notice that it's different. i think today most people want a to be in a more modern space but, don't know how to achieve that. as we discussed last week, just simplifying can change your space. in a modern world, each item in your home serves a purpose. modern spaces reflect creativity which lets the design stand out. you have to think out of the box! designing is often about using everyday materials in an unique way. the picture above features my back wall of the store. i've added texture & interest to an all white space by using a corrugated plastic horizontally. this week i challenge you is to have a modern eye. edit your spaces & continue to remove all those extras you've collected. let your eye be drawn to the simplicity & not clutter.

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