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Saturday, April 10, 2010


this week i took bit of a blog & face book hiatus.
i've been working too much & needing a break.
so-between working on taxes & running boys around, i did manage to eat some great food & get to the north shore. how come breaks are never long enough?
its back to work today & i'm unpacking new things.
look @ all the comfy pillows & bedding.
i found a new amazing line of silk quilts, & shams. pair these with dreamy velvet & linen printed pillows.
there's nothing like a comfy bed! you'll love the book of swatches for these handmade products.


  1. I love, love, love the starfish and octopus pillows in this photo! Who makes them? Are they still for sale?

  2. I was just in your shop last week...loved EVERYTHING so much, I couldn't decide on what I wanted!!! I planned on coming back later without the hubby & little boys, but never made it!!! Can you tell me a bit more about the mirrors next to the pillows???