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Saturday, May 1, 2010

being happy

being happy... it's all in the way we see it. right?
so here i go, 10 things i'm happy about today:
1. my new silver chilewich table runner. new @ bungalow 9
2. pandora radio-it's life saving when you live on an island. loving me some avett brother station!
3. lily allen & ella beasy baby yorkie sisters-unconditional love
4. noah's going to his first prom-big night-amazing mark & i did that!
5. my bathtub-it's waiting for me
6. mark is off for the night (rare)
7. eating cereal for breakfast
8. feeling skinnier & healthier (always good)
9. my blog is getting feedback-love that...
10. nickel pickle is hanging with kyle (buddies)
*disclaimer-my list is not necessarily in happiness order
hope you have 10 happy things too. happy weekend people...

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