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Thursday, June 10, 2010

one happy girl...

i'm one happy girl... sometimes it doesn't take much.
yesterday, i got my favorite soap in the mail. i'm addicted to "ZUM" patchouli soap. it's made with goat's milk.
so addicted, that i order a brick of soap @ a time & cut it into bars.
it's the best thing in the world..... i've been using indigo wild soap for about 4 years. i started buying it when i lived in dallas, i stocked up for moving to kauai, & NOW- thank goodness for on-line ordering.
every night i take a long bath, use my ZUM, & watch my shows-PURE HEAVEN!
(this comes from a girl who moved to hawaii & brought a soaking bathtub with me).
topping off my soap excitement, indigo wild sent an aloha note in my box. you've gotta love that.
indigo wild has all natural products. check out them out
you can smell good too...
*mark even buys me soap for my anniversary-i love my ZUM!

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