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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bungalow 9. modern island living

bungalow 9. modern island living. live a simple. modern. lifestyle.
after moving from texas to kauai what's a girl to do. with a background design, building, & art i needed to let the creativity flow. with family support i opened my own store. everyone always wants to know how that happened.
after growing up visiting kauai & spending time here, i now live here full time. i wanted a name that represented our journey. bungalow 9 was actually a collaboration with my son nick. 9 represents our nine family members that have moved from texas to kauai. my parents first home on island was bungalow's her in poipu.
my goal? to inspire. bungalow 9 showcases
modern home. design. & apparel.
why blog? that's the question i constantly get. it's really a creative outlet for me & i'm addicted-yes...
can i buy things from the store on line? of course...the blog is my way to keep in touch & show products from the store. just email me for prices & i'll ship lovely things to you. it's simple & easy.
can you help me with my space? of blog is also a home for inspiring design. design work is my passion. i do consulting & design on in hawaii & the mainland.
how do i know what's for sell? just be a blog follower or check in weekly.
you can click on the link below to be a follower or join b9 on facebook.

get addicted to living modern.

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