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Thursday, October 28, 2010


i have an addiction. it involves watching the food network. there's a small problem with this- i don't like to cook. one would think by watching all these shows, i would learn to make some amazing things. nope...
i just watch. the other problem is that i don't even eat all the yummy things they make. i purely just like to watch. one of my favorites is giada de laurentiis (giada @ home). now with all that said, i mainly watch to see the amazing house & kitchen where they film. that's where i first saw these lovely RAY trays. these are made by chilewich & were discontinued. after much demand, they have brought them back. the RAY tray is perfect for storing fruits & veggies. the mesh covers breath & are washable.
so excited to sell them @ bungalow 9.

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