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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

once upon a time...

home. mark & i designed & built our dream home before moving to hawaii.
it was amazing. can someone please tell me why i decided to move again?
just thought you might enjoy a sneak peak.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Lovely home in Chandler's Landing!
    Don't know why you moved to Kauai. Maybe to avoid the 70plus days of 100plus degrees! Kauai had to be better!! WE'll be out there in a few weeks for a quick fall get away!\
    Cher Imrie
    PS. Let me know if we can bring you anything.

  2. everything is for a purpose. please remember that!!! .....i love your matter where it is!! i am shocked though at how we have morphed into the same as far as tastes etc. ... lots else too but it's uncanny looking at your pics. .......all i can think of is too much ruffles and laura ashley back in those days changed us FOREVER!!!!!:)...:O!!!!! ...changed for the better too!!!! please post more pics.... i'm needing some ideas to finish up (when I get a chance a few more things around here. .....not only have a million things to catch up with you on all else but need you to consult as well!(doesn't seem right..... but please help.... seriously, you're THE BEST! ...I know cause I have lived with and seen it for myself! Love you bunches Lisa! Love everything you do and touch!!! ....Don't forget.....all is for a reason... your home is just wherever you happen to be and as one person told me once "it cal all be rebuilt again if needed." .....i didn't think so at the time but yes, it can and even better! All works together! Much love! cindy